You are probably here because you want your photos to look like movies.

You want to tell stories. Us too. ECN-2 is the correct chemical process for motion picture film stock. Don’t worry. We got you.

We want your photos to be the best they can be.

Proper chemicals, the right colors, attention to detail, a love of film and killer scans.

We are Quiet We’re Dreaming. An ECN-2 Lab.

Current processing times: Due to high volume and demand our approximate turn around time could be up to 15-30 business days for processing from delivery. At the moment we can not provide hard dates for deliverables but please feel free to email/text/call with updates if you have an order in process, require expedited service or would like to know an estimate of our current processing time.

Prices 2019

ECN-2 Development for Kodak Vision3 50D, 250D, 200T, 500T, and Fuji products: 


35mm: $14.00

Process Only (No Scan) 35mm: $16.00


2k/3k Uncompressed ProPhoto RGB colorspace in .tiff

48 bit color depth

35mm: $14.00

4k/5k Uncompressed ProPhoto RGB colorspace in .tiff

48 bit color depth


**We understand the nature of self rolled film stock and fully support it but film that intentionally rolled over 36 exposures may be subject to an additional charge**

If you need film or have questions about shooting on cine/motion picture film head over to our store or shoot us an email or DM. We want to set you up right. or dm ig:@qwdlab

Note: All scans are delivered in ProPhoto RGB colorspace in .tiff format unless otherwise requested.

Disclaimer: While we have had nothing but excellent results with development and quality control, we do process cinema film on a small scale . In the event that something does not come with the optimal result we will do our best to resolve the problem as we take pride in every roll we process. QWD Lab can only take responsibility for any damages or loses up to total fees paid or payable related to a specific order.