We like things to be simple.

1: Print our processing form and include it with your order then send your rolls to us (tracking preferable) below.

2: Fill out the the online form and let us know whats on the way. This way we can keep an eye out for your negatives and helps us plan the week.

3: We do our deal (hardwork + magic).

4. We send you an invoice and upload your scans for delivery.

  • Upon delivery of film we will typically process and scan your negatives within 15 to 30 business days. Large orders may require additional processing time and processing times are subject to delays during high volume periods. At this time we can not provide hard dates on film processing turn around but please don’t hesitate to shoot us a text/email about the status of processing.

  •  We will shoot you over an email with a Dropbox link to your scans immediately after film is processed.

  • Credit cards will only be charged after film is processed via PayPal invoice.

  • Negatives will be returned by USPS at a flat rate of $6.00 (2019 USPS Increase) with the exception of large/international orders. Don’t need your negatives? Consider selecting “no” for negative return option on the order form to keep shipping costs down. Please allow 15 business days for negatives to be returned. Negatives will be returned in uncut rolls. If you need a different cut, once again, you’re good. Just let us know.

  • We strongly suggest getting a tracking number on your order. We cannot be held responsible for anything that is lost or stolen in the mail.

  • Still have questions? Have a weird request? Send us an email. Hello@qwdlab.com

Step 1: Download form, fill out and include physical copy with your order.

Shipping Address:


1238 Callowhill Street Suite 403

Philadelphia, PA 19123

Step 2: Fill out the online form below and let us know what is on the way!

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