Who is Quiet We’re Dreaming?

We are a group of directors, cinematographers and colorists who shared the same passion for motion picture film. The few remaining motion labs in the world typically have a minimum amount of film required to process an order. Several hundred feet in fact meaning that most labs will not process still photos. That is where we came in. With years of experience and a ton of knowledge, we pooled our resources to help other filmmakers have the ability to shoot real film with real colors with a reasonable turn around time providing high quality scans and great customer service one roll at a time. It is a shitload of work but we love it.


Where do you process orders from and do you take international orders?

We get this question alot. We are located in Philadelphia, PA and we also have a global presence processing orders and shipping film to Australia, Germany, Sweden, Japan and a ton of other countries. Believe it or not international shippings costs are pretty reasonable. If you have any questions about shipping or fulfillment shoot us an email or DM on instagram and we can get you going in no time.

How does your film processing work and when will I be charged?

We work like any other film lab except we only process motion picture film. You send us your rolls and give us a heads up by sending us an email (further info under processing form). This way we get to say hi and it helps us plan the week so we know what is coming in. We also will let you know when your film gets here so you don’t have to worry. From there we process your film in a few days depending on our volume and keep you posted along the way. When your negatives are finished and moved to scanning we send you an invoice for the amount and we shoot you over your photos via download link! In a week or two we send you your negatives back if you want and are all set. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about how your film and scans are doing at any point!

Do you offer expedited delivery and processing?

Totally. We have many clients that are on tight scheduled with deliverables or turn around times. Shoot us an email and we will get it done for whatever you need.


Do you take all motion picture film?

We do accept any ECN-2 process film though depending on the age of the film, there may be additional fees involved for unknown or very expired stock. We will reach out to you if anything comes up and feel free to reach out to us about any film that is expired.

Do you accept bulk/hand rolled film?

For sure! We are all about roll your own, got some cool short ends, do some cool stuff with it type of filmmakers. Bring it! The only thing that isnt cool is cramming as much film as you can get into a cassette. We totally understand its not going to be exact. No problem. We ask that you try and keep it at 36 max.

Is your film fresh?

So fresh we shoot on it ourselves. We would never even consider selling something that was even questionable in regards to quality.

Is your film DX Coded?

At the moment it is not. Finding cassettes for a non-standard iso such as 500 or 250 is no small feat. Unfortunately as film started to decline, so did resources. Hopefully that will start to change soon. Starting here!

Do you take CineStill?

We do take CineStill but also have a disclaimer that due to the removal of Remjet, the film does not retain the same properties as regular 500T or 50D due to the wash process. Please understand that correct colors will more than likely still not be attainable in a native ECN-2 process.


What is ECN-2?

ECN-2 which stands for Eastman Color Negative - 2 which is a standard process for motion picture film. This process does differ from C-41 both in regards to active chemical developers and an additional step to remove Remjet.

What is Remjet?

You may have heard of it. People seem to hate it but we love it. Remjet is a layer of black carbon on the base of the film that acts as a lubricant, an anti-static layer and most importantly an anti-halation layer that prevents the back scattering of light. When you remove this you will get halos around lights and bright objects, most noted in CineStill film. Yes our film comes with it, no you cant process it in a normal lab and absolutely we know how to remove it, just like any other motion picture lab.


We offer two resolutions of scanning. 2/3k and 4/5k. We output your photos in ProPhoto colorspace, uncompressed, 48bit .tiff files. This is actually what makes us different than other labs. Our scans are approximately 50mb for 2/3k and 150mb for 4/5k due to the amount of retain information within the image in regards to color and luminance data. This is so you can color grade images as you would a motion picture. Most film labs will deliver a high resolution image that is a highly compressed .jepg with very little latitude. Ours has more than most will need. We always tell people resolution isn’t everything. If a 16mm or 35mm film can be shown in 2k as most movies are, your images are more than cool, unless its a shitty jepg.

Still have some questions or something not on here that should be? Shoot us an email at hello@qwdlab.com

We are here to help.